The Campus Reporter Program

‘The Campus Reporter Program’ by Scribido Campus is a unique student-centric program that empowers the students to create their own customised school newsletter. The program is supported by three main pillars.

The 3 Main Pillars of the Campus Reporter Program are

1. Newsletters – A customised newsletter of the school executed by the students.
The newsletter is an interactive platform for the student-teacher-parent community to express themselves through the written word.

2. Journalism & Writing Skills Training – Language skills developed through our unique journalism training syllabus help the students to actively contribute towards the school newsletter as well as building their confidence and communication skills through interactive and creative brainstorming sessions. Our syllabus also nurtures and instills in students the most required habit of reading and writing for general awareness.

3. Events – Fun-with-learning events that have a knowledge sharing purpose as its outputare an interesting way to release the potential that the students display by participating in these events. Each event is unique in its impact, such that the students are made to perform out of their comfort zones and also get a chance to interact with influential bigwigs from varied industries.
These are the pillars of The Campus Reporter Programand your school gets access to all these fun elements at one go by simply subscribing to The Campus Reporter Program.

Call on 022- 30987914 / 080-39591779 for a FREE Demo Training Session or to get more details on our program.


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