SPOCK by Scribido Campus is a web and mobile based application which acts like a single point of contact between the school and its parent community. Its agile features are developed in a way to make it easy for the school as well as the parent to access information and updates about the student/child at all times.

Prime Features of SPOCK

  1. 24×7 Customer Support: Yes you read that right. We’re known for our service, and to continue the same legacy, our agents will be available on call 24*7 to help you with your queries.
  2. Complete Customization: No need to use 3rd party applications. Use your own mobile app, with your school name, at absolutely no extra cost. When it’s Scribido Campus, it’s all about customised benefits 🙂
  3. Go paperless within 18 months, guaranteed.
  4. Orientation & Training: Continuous parents and teacher orientation so that everyone in the school is using the system well and to its best advantage.
  5. Data Prediction: As an added feature, our data scientists will be analy​sing. ​

your school data, and giving you intelligent insights such as average class scores, particular student performance/excellence, historic 5-year data and the changes therein, among others.

Go digital with SPOCK and reap the benefits of having the entire student information online. Call on 022- 30987914 / 080-39591779 for a quick DEMO.



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